Your Shelter, Rescue or Business can be at Pet Fest!

Participate as a Commercial Vendor!

Exhibiting is a dynamic, cost-effective, one-stop opportunity to maximize contact with existing clients and potential IMG_3371customers. Consumer trade shows provide targeted and pre-qualified buyers. 80% of Pet Fest attendees are pet owners and half of those who aren’t are planning to become pet owners in the near future!

Would it help your business or organization if you could increase sales or fundraising? Would it help to promote your business to lots and lots and lots of people who absolutely adore their pets and treat them as family?

Would it help your business to educate the public to the joys of responsible pet ownership?

Would you like to present your business in a friendly environment where people are willingly participating in learning about your product or service?

If you sell pet products or services, you owe it to your business to be at Pet Fest. You will reach hundreds of pet owners on one single day. The investment you make for this day will be paid back to your business many times over.

Commercial Booth Registration starts at $325, Handmade Spaces at $125 and Shelters/Rescues start at $65. Click HERE for an ONLINE registration for exhibitors, shelters and sponsors.

Participate as a Shelter!

We believe animal shelters and rescue groups are the best source for a new pet. We will have PLENTY of shelters and rescues at Pet Fest!

We know that shelters and rescues—large and small—always have a great selection of animals looking for new homes. Attendees at Pet Fest seek out cats and dogs, birds and small animals and even horses to adopt.

Your shelter will reach hundreds of attendees that bring their families, looking for a new pet to add to their family. Our attendees line up before the doors open to be the first to get the chance to adopt the pet of their choice.

If you post animals that you will be bringing to our Pet Fest Facebook page, you’ll reach thousands of Pet Fest fans. To participate in Pet Fest, just submit an application. Spaces for shelters and rescues start at just $65! For years, we have had hundreds of successful adoptions in just one day! Click HERE for an ONLINE registration for exhibitors, shelters and sponsors.

Participate as a Sponsor!

Whether you have the time to attend Pet Fest as a Vendor or not, we have many opportunities for Sponsors to increase your visibility.

Title: SOLD OUT! $1500 Includes 10’x10′ booth, logo on web, 10 Facebook mentions, programs, 10 audio mentions during event. SOLD OUT!

Event: $1000 Includes 10’x10′ booth, logo on web, 5 Facebook mentions, 5 audio mentions during the event.

Program and Booth: $700 Includes 10’x10′ booth, logo on program.

Race: $500 Includes banner in arena, signage in race area, audio mentions during race, logo on website.

Pet Contest: $250 Includes banner in arena, audio mentions during contest, logo on website.

Signage: $100 Includes banner in arena.

Website: $100 Includes logo on website.

Click HERE for an ONLINE registration for exhibitors, shelters and sponsors.

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