This cutie is Sonar. He has a condition called Hydrocephalus, meaning he has water on his brain. As a result, he is blind. Sonar is one year old and has no other known medical issues. He loves playing, treats and people. Sonar needs a forever family that has a pretty quiet home where he is the only pet. If you’d like to meet Sonar, contact AniMeals at (406) 721-4710 to set it up.


This sweetheart is Simone. This mama was a good one, but her baby-rearing days are behind her, and she’s excited to be the fun, energetic girl that she is! She’s waiting at the Bitter Root Humane Association for her adventure partner to find her. Simone wants everyone to that she especially loves treats, toys and attention. If you’re interested in meeting Simone, contact the shelter at (406) 363-5311.


This lovely lady is Caramel and rumor has it she is as sweet as her name. She is clearly gorgeous, as well. She is also very friendly to people as well as other dogs. Carmel is looking for a forever family she can have some fun and make memories with. She will likely be a girl of about 40 pounds when an adult. If you’re looking for the perfect pal, Caramel would appreciate the chance to meet you. She is available for adoption via the Thompson River Animal Care Shelter in Thompson Falls. They can be reached at (406) 827-8722.


This pretty girl is Frida. Frida is hoping that her forever family will find her at The Humane Society of Western Montana. She wants you all to know that she would make the perfect Missoula adventure dog, she loves to hike, swim and play fetch. Frida does need a family who can help her get comfortable on a leash. If you, or someone you know, is interested in meeting Frida, contact the Humane Society at (406)549-3934 for details.


This beautiful lady is Muddz. She is a Malamute X who loves being groomed and and using more than her fair share of the couch. She is waiting for her forever family to find her at the Bitter Root Humane Association. Muddz is used to paying attention to detail and multitasking. In her previous life, she kept the family safe, the livestock and cats tended to, and the dogs in line. If Muddz sounds like the perfect dog for your family, contact the BRHA at (406) 363-5311 to arrange a meeting.


This is Nicki. Nicki is an adorable mix of border collie and possibly pitt bull terrier. She is a very energetic young 6 month old girl who is now spayed and microchipped and vaccinated and getting ready to have a great new life with a new human playmate. She is currently in Bonners Ferry Idaho living with a ranch full of teens. It’s a safe bet that she is doing a great job of keeping them busy doing clicker training and leash walk training. If you are interested in  becoming Nicki’s playmate, she is available for adoption via Thompson River Animal Care Shelter. They invite you to send in an application and then, upon approval, they will have you come and meet her at the school or at TRACS. Contact them at (406) 827-8722 with questions.


This cute dude is Jake. Jake has been described as “one active lovebug.” His favorite activity is playing with other dogs, though the playmate doesn’t have to be a dog – he played with a ferret in his previous home! Jake’s other activities of choice include snuggling and exercising. At approximately a year and a half, Jake’s looking for someone to show him the ropes and give him a gentle introduction to the rest of the world. If Jake sounds like your kind of canine, he’s available for adoption via The Humane Society of Western Montana. To arrange a meeting with Jake, call (406) 549-3934.