This cute dude is Jake. Jake has been described as “one active lovebug.” His favorite activity is playing with other dogs, though the playmate doesn’t have to be a dog – he played with a ferret in his previous home! Jake’s other activities of choice include snuggling and exercising. At approximately a year and a half, Jake’s looking for someone to show him the ropes and give him a gentle introduction to the rest of the world. If Jake sounds like your kind of canine, he’s available for adoption via The Humane Society of Western Montana. To arrange a meeting with Jake, call (406) 549-3934.


This handsome guy is Chunk. Chunk is a sweet and playful cutie who is waiting for his forever family to find him at AniMeals. Chunk prefers an indoor home with no other animals and adults who give belly rubs often and without question. Chunk loves him some belly rubs. Chunk had really high glucose levels when he was brought into the shelter and has been working his way back to a healthier Chunk ever since, with regular injections of insulin and a high protein, low carbohydrate diet, as well as consistent exercise to build up his leg muscles. If you’re interested in having Chunk as a roommate, contact AniMeals at (406) 721-4710.


This girl with an adorable smile is Freya. She is approximately 2 years old, and she is enjoying her youth. Freya is enthusiastic about life, loves to run and topple over things, and playing with toys (her favorite is the KONG). This sweetheart who gives hugs and somewhat slobbery kisses, is looking for a home without cats where she can be the boss of the canines. If Freya sounds like she may fit in at your house, she is available for adoption through the Bitter Root Humane Association. They can be reached at (406) 363-5311.


This is Matilda. She is a Smooth Fox Terrier and is, as you can see, absolutely adorable – and has a personality to match. She is fun loving and very smart and quiet at times. She loves to be held. If you are interested in making Matilda a part of your family, she is available for adoption via the Thompson River Animal Care Shelter. They can be reached at (406) 827-8722.