This handsome guy is Lloyd. He’s a very smart boy who knows sit and other commands. Lloyd is an easygoing canine who seems to be perfect for just about anybody looking for a canine companion. If he sounds like the perfect addition to your household, Lloyd is available for adoption through The Humane Society of Western Montana. They can be reached at 549-3934.


Snowball is 3 years old. She has always been very shy and is looking for a person or family who understands her shyness. This super sweet girl has worked as a herd dog but seems more intent on keeping her eye on the human she’s with. Snowball has all her shots but is only partially leashed trained. She will kennel upon command but also likes her freedom. If you’re interested in meeting Snowball, contact Great Pyrenees Rescue of Montana at (406) 375-0719.


This pretty lady is Gracie. She is a 9 year old xxlarge kitty that is not fat and is well-loved, spayed, up to date on vaccines, and understands the whole litter box process. This sweetheart’s idea of the perfect forever home would be a quiet home with a woman and possibly a nice dog and no children. She likes sleeping in her person’s bed at night and to go outside occasionally, in a safe area. If Gracie sounds like your kind of feline companion, contact KittyMOM’s Rescue Organization at (406)752-4460 for details.


This handsome fellow is Ludwig. He is a little more than a year old and is an outgoing  dude who definitely needs his exercise.  Ludwig is also deaf. He is available for adoption through Bangtail Dog Rescue, in McCleary, WA. Ludwig is waiting for a forever family who wants to take him on plenty of adventures and who understands his special needs. If you are interested in being that forever family, you can find more information on their website.


Haven wants to say hi! She is a pretty happy puppy who likes to hang out with other dogs and people.She especially enjoys spending time outdoors with a human pal. Haven is extremely intelligent and athletic. She is curious about cats and needs reminded that herding them isn’t a wise choice. If you’re interested in meeting Haven, she is waiting for her forever person at  the Chelsea Bailey Butte Silver Bow Animal Shelter. They can be reached at (406)497-6528.