This pretty lady’s name is Watsonville. This sweet little thing is approximately six years old. She craves attention and she’s not afraid to let you know that’s what she’s looking for. While she is not a fan of being picked up, she’ll throw herself at your feet, writhe around on her back, stand on your lap, and tell you her life story. Watsonville wants you to know that while she does love attention, she is also independent, and will let you know when she’s had enough. She is is looking for a forever family who will show her some love, and other than that she’s not picky, she’s cool with an indoor/outdoor situation, kids, adults, dogs and other cats. If you’re looking for an athletic, very busy kitty who will amuse you with her charm and kitten like antics, Watsonville is available for adoption via AniMeals. They can be reached at (406) 721-4710.


Sparky is looking for a forever family. He wants you to know he enjoys walks and some play, but he loves lots of naps! When around other pets, Sparky can be possessive of his food, water and toys. He needs a family who can give him good experiences and lots of positive experiences. If Sparky sounds like he’d fit into you family, he’s available for adoption via the Bitter Root Humane Association. They can be reached at (406) 363-5311.


This handsome dude is Jack. Jack loves dog toys and enjoys a good game of “ball” as much as anybody. This super smart boy would be a good agility dog because of his active nature, high intelligence and his willingness to be trained with rewards. Jack is looking for a family that likes doggy kisses and a cuddle partner and will be home with a good amount of time. Sometimes it takes a bit for the best side of Jack to appear so know he’d appreciate your patience. He likes children over the age of 6 and men he’s had a chance to get to know. A guy’s got standards after all. If you’re interested in meeting Jack, he’s available for adoption via the Thompson River Animal Care Shelter. They can be reached at (406) 827-8722.


This cutie is Hazel. She is the ultimate outdoor girl. She especially enjoys long hikes in the mountains. Hazel is very smart and curious and loves adventures, especially if they happen outside. A friendly lady, Hazel would love to have a family to call her own. If Hazel sounds like she might be your hiking pal, she is available for adoption via The Humane Society of Western Montana. They can be reached at (406) 549-3934.